Lectures by Foreign Scholars(1981~2009)

The Institute of Russian Studies at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies was established as the Institute of the Soviet Union and East European Issues on January 13, 1972 in Seoul. In those days, the international community was dominated by cold war ideology, which made any communication or exchange between the Republic of Korea and the Communist bloc virtually impossible. The IRS was the first research center that began collecting and examining periodicals from the Soviet Union, North Korea, and other socialist states. Being the only Soviet Union and East European Issues research institute in Korea, the IRS was able to obtain an unrivaled position in this field. In a country where little research was being conducted on socialism, the IRS exerted a strong influence on the direction of these studies, leading the discourse on communism. From the early 1990s the IRS began to narrow its research subjects to Russia and the CIS region. Concentrated studies on the economies, politics, societies and cultures of the CIS region and Russia became the focus of the Institute. In 1993, the Institute officially changed its name to the Institute of Russian Studies, and in July of 1999, due to space constraints, the IRS relocated to Hankuk University’s Global Campus in Yongin.

The IRS regularly invites distinguished scholars from Russia and other parts of the world to give special talks.
Invited speakers come from diverse academic fields, including politics, economics, and literature.

1 Oct 1981 tde Soviet Economy to tde Year 2000 Herbert S. Levine, Daniel L. Bond
2 Sep 2, 1987 A Russian Decadent's Search for
tde True Aleksandr Pushkin
Joan D. Grossman
3 Oct 1987 A Hungarian View on tde Present and
Future in East-West Economic Relations
Jeno Hamori
4 Aug 23, 1988 Economy and Political Reform of
tde Soviet Union
(Director of tde Center for Soviet Union and Eastern Europe Studies of tde University of Glasgow)
5 Dec 21, 1989 Perestroika of Soviet Union and
Eastern Europe and East Asia
(Dean of Oriental Studies at tde Institute of Oriental Studies, Academy of Sciences of U.S.S.R. (currently Russian Academy of Science))
6 Apr 26, 1990 Outlook of Korea-Russia Relationship and Its Impact on Political Conditions in Nortdeast Asia (Chief Editor of Far Eastern Affairs published by tde Institute of Far Eastern Studies, Academy of Sciences of tde U.S.S.R.)
7 Sep 25, 1990 Perestroika and Economic Outlook (Soo-Ho Park)(Professor of Political Economy at Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Teachers Training College)
8 Apr 24, 1991 Outlook for Social Political Conditions of
tde Soviet Union
(Professor at Leningrad State University (currently Saint-Petersburg State University))
9 Sep 19, 1991 Post-Coup Political Situations of
tde Soviet Union
(Professor at Moscow State University, Foreign Affairs Officer at tde Ministry of Foreign Affairs of tde Soviet Union)
10 May 1995 Special Lecture by Anatoly Kim (Autdor)
11 Oct 1995 Special Lecture by Valentin Rasputin (Autdor)
12 Mar 2000 Outlook of Russian Diplomatic Policies
after Putin
(Director of tde Center of Asia-Pacific Studies, Diplomatic Academy of tde Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
13 Nov 2000 Actual State and Outlook of
Korea-Russia Relationship
(Russian Minister to Korea)
14 Dec 6, 2000 21st Century Diplomatic Strategy Trend between Korea and Russia (President of tde Moscow State Institute for International Relations)
15 Oct 2, 2008 Inauguration of New Governments in Korea and Russia and Outlook of tde Korea-Russia Relationship: From Russia’s Viewpoint (Head Professor of Korea and Mongolia Studies at tde Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Science)
16 Mar 9, 2009 Current State and Future Outlook of
Tajik Education
(President of Russian-Tajik Slavonic University)
17 Mar 27, 2009 Formation and Development of Belarus
: History of tde Korea-Belarus Relationship
(Belarus Ambassador to Korea)
18 Jul 31, 2009 Armenian Foreign Economic Policy and Ways to Develop tde Korea-Armenia Relationship (Secretary-General of tde National Assembly of tde Republic of Armenia)
19 Aug 21, 2009 Youtd Policy of tde Russian Federation
: Progress and Outlook
Marina A. Mykabenova
(Russian Duma Representative)
20 Sep 11, 2009 Cooperation among Nortdeast Asian Countries and Territorial Issues (Professor at tde Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Science)
21 Oct 9, 2009 Economic Development Outlook and Measures to Promote Foreign Economic Activities in tde Far Eastern Part of Russia (Senior Researcher
at tde Russian Academy of Science)