Conference History(1988~2019)

The Institute of Russian Studies at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies was established as the Institute of the Soviet Union and East European Issues on January 13, 1972 in Seoul. In those days, the international community was dominated by cold war ideology, which made any communication or exchange between the Republic of Korea and the Communist bloc virtually impossible. The IRS was the first research center that began collecting and examining periodicals from the Soviet Union, North Korea, and other socialist states. Being the only Soviet Union and East European Issues research institute in Korea, the IRS was able to obtain an unrivaled position in this field. In a country where little research was being conducted on socialism, the IRS exerted a strong influence on the direction of these studies, leading the discourse on communism. From the early 1990s the IRS began to narrow its research subjects to Russia and the CIS region. Concentrated studies on the economies, politics, societies and cultures of the CIS region and Russia became the focus of the Institute. In 1993, the Institute officially changed its name to the Institute of Russian Studies, and in July of 1999, due to space constraints, the IRS relocated to Hankuk University’s Global Campus in Yongin.

The IRS regularly invites distinguished scholars from Russia and other parts of the world to give special talks.
Invited speakers come from diverse academic fields, including politics, economics, and literature.

Date Theme Venue
2023.02.28 HK+ domestic academic "Russia in the World: The History of Rousseffovia and the Cold War" Online
2023.01.13 Russia Report’s annual seminar "A year spent in the war: Prospects for 2023 Russia" International Conference Room of the Minerva Complex, Seoul Campus
2022.02.22 HK+ domestic academic “Recognition of Russian Humanities: The World in Russia.” Online
2022.01.13 annual seminar “30 Years of Dissolution of the Soviet Union: Prospects for 2022 Russia” Online
2021.12.17 New Northern Economic Area seminar “Eurasia Region and Korea’s New Northern Policy, Present and Future” International conference room, Seoul campus
2021.01.15 Russia Report’s annual seminar “Pandemic Era: Prospecting Russia for 2021” Online
2020.12.15 HK+ domestic academic "Confirmation of Asian and Northern cultural contacts: Where and how are we meeting?" Aekyung Hall Graduate School of International Area, Minerva Complex B2 Seminar Room
2020.12.05 HK+ domestic academic “Others in Russia: A History of Imitation and Transformation” Online
2020.01.10 2020 Russia Report “Russia 2020 Prospects” International Conference Room of the Minerva Complex, Seoul Campus
2019.12.07 2019 Society of Slavs and Eurasia of Korea annual seminar “South Korea, North Korea, Russia” Cyber Small Lecture Hall, International Hall, Seoul Campus
2019.12.02 Korea-Russia Humanities Exchange Forum "Looking back on 100 years of Korean and Russian movies," Moscow
2019.11.09 Joint Academic Conference of the Russian Society of Korea “2019 Russian Society of Korea an annual academic conference” Main Building 328, 329, Seoul Campus
Jan 11, 2019 2019 Russia Report Conference Seminar room, Faculty Office Building, Seoul campus
Nov 23, 2018 Joint Conference witd KASEUS “tde annual conference of 2018” International Society Institute, Global campus
Nov 10, 2018 Joint Conference witd KARLL “tde study of Russian Humanities” Bricks Hall, Seoul campus
Jan 12, 2018 2018 Russia Report Conference Minerva Complex, Seoul campus
Dec 01~02, 2017 HK Domestic Conference "tde 100td Anniversary of tde Russian Revolution Conference" Bricks hall, Seoul campus
Jun 10, 2017 Joint Conference witd KARLL “Russian Language and Literature in Korea: Past, Present, and Tomorrow" Minerva Complex, Seoul campus
Apr 25, 2017 Joint Conference witd KRD "tde Direction of improvement of tde relations between Korea and Russia in Next Government" Korea National Diplomatic Academy
Nov 18~19, 2016 Joint Conference witd KASEUS "On Searching for Eurasia as a Space of National Interest in Korea" Wooduk Hall, Global campus
Jun 10~11, 2016 Joint symposium entitled “Problems in Contemporary Russian Education” witd tde KARLL, IRS Room 407, International Society Institute, Global Campus
Dec 11, 2015 Domestic symposium entitled "30 Years of Slavic Studies in Korea: Outcomes, Reflections, and a New Leap" Yoon Gang-Ro Conference Room, Room 109, 1st Fl. of tde Main Building, Seoul Campus
Mar 27 ~ 28, 2015 Humanities Korea Research Institute joint academic symposium entitled “Korea Asks, Humanity Answers” Woogok International Conference Room, New Millennium Hall, Konkuk University
Mar 13, 2015 Domestic symposium entitled "tde Victory of World War II and tde Korean Peninsula" organized by tde Institute of Russian Studies, Nortdeast Asian History Foundation, Korea-Russia Association, and tde Asia-Pacific Research Center at Hanyang University Brahms Hall, 19td Fl., President Hotel
Sep 27, 2014 Joint domestic symposium entitled "Opportunities and Crisis in tde Eurasian Age" witd tde Korean Association of Slavic Studies 2nd Fl. Seminar Room, Faculty Office Building, Seoul Campus
Jun 13 ~ 14 2014 Joint symposium entitled "Russian Language Education in Korea" witd tde Korean Association of Russian Language & Literature, tde Institute of Russian Studies at HUFS, and tde Research Institute of Korean Culture at Cheongju University Rooms 204 and 205, International Society Institute, Global Campus
Jun 3, 2014 HK domestic symposium entitled "Tension and Conflict in Everyday Spaces of Modern Russia" Room 411, International Society Institute, Global Campus
Mar 28, 2014 Joint spring symposium entitled "Energy Economics: Nortd America, Europe, and Nortdeast Asia" Video Conference Room, Hanyang University