The Institute of Russian Studies at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies was established as the Institute of the Soviet Union and East European Issues on January 13, 1972 in Seoul. In those days, the international community was dominated by cold war ideology, which made any communication or exchange between the Republic of Korea and the Communist bloc virtually impossible. The IRS was the first research center that began collecting and examining periodicals from the Soviet Union, North Korea, and other socialist states. Being the only Soviet Union and East European Issues research institute in Korea, the IRS was able to obtain an unrivaled position in this field. In a country where little research was being conducted on socialism, the IRS exerted a strong influence on the direction of these studies, leading the discourse on communism. From the early 1990s the IRS began to narrow its research subjects to Russia and the CIS region. Concentrated studies on the economies, politics, societies and cultures of the CIS region and Russia became the focus of the Institute. In 1993, the Institute officially changed its name to the Institute of Russian Studies, and in July of 1999, due to space constraints, the IRS relocated to Hankuk University’s Global Campus in Yongin.

The IRS regularly invites distinguished scholars from Russia and other parts of the world to give special talks.
Invited speakers come from diverse academic fields, including politics, economics, and literature.

1.Universities and research institutions

Organizations Country Agreement date
1 Moscow State University for International Relations Russia 1991.10.11
2 Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University Ukraine 1991.10.18
3 Saint Petersburg State University Russia 1991.10.25
4 Minsk State Linguistic University Belarus 2000.11.14
5 Nizhny Novgorod Linguistic University Russia 2004.12.01
6 Irkutsk State University Russia 2005.01.21
7 Chita State University Russia 2005.05.16
8 Institute of Contemporary International Studies of Diplomatic Academy Russia 2005.07.04
9 Novosibirsk State Technical University Russia 2006.02.16
10 Novosibirsk State University Russia 2006.02.16
11 Far Eastern National University Russia 2006.09.01
12 Yakutsk State University Russia 2006.11.03
13 Kazan State University Russia 2008.09.05
14 Kyiv National Linguistic University Ukraine 2009.01.16
15 Russian State Social University Russia 2009.04.16
16 Department of Oriental Languages, Belarusian State University Belarus 2009.04.21
17 Center for Korean Language and literature, Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University Ukraine 2009.04.23
18 Faculty of History, Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University Ukraine 2009.04.23
19 Russia Eurasia Academic Cluster of Hanyang University Korea 2009.06.20
20 Korea Institute for International Economic Policy Korea 2010.03.01
21 Institute of Eastern and Western Societies, Saint Petersburg State University Russia 2011.02.07
22 The Institute of Asian and African Studies, Moscow State University Russia 2011.03.21
23 The Institute of Cross-Culture Studies, Kyung Hee University Korea 2011.06.21
24 Center for Korean Language and Culture, Faculty of Asian and African Studies, Saint Petersburg State University Russia 2011.07.12
25 Russian Political Science Association Russia 2011.12.16
26 School of Advanced International and Area Studies,
East China Normal University
China 2012.02.27
27 Institute for European Studies, Vietnamese Academy of Social Science Vietnam 2012.03.30
28 Russian State University of the Humanities, Division for Sociology Russia 2013.10.17
29 Institute of Language, Literature and History, Komi Science Center of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy Sciences Russia 2014.01.26
30 Center for Russian, Central & East European Studies(University of Glasgow, Scotland, Great Britain) United Kingdom 2014.07.03
31 Institute of Russian Studies, Hallym University Korea 2014.07.16
32 The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute Russia 2014.05.16
33 Russian Public Opinion Research Center
(ВЦИОМ: Всероссийкий Центр Изучения Общественного Мнения)
Russia 2015.04.13
34 Chair of Russian-Asian Studies at Ludwig-Maximilian University Germany 2018.07.12
35 Ocean University of China at Qingdao China 2018.09.18
36 Suwon Academy of World Languages Korea 2019.07.18

2.Government organizations and private institutions

Organizations Country Agreement date
1 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Korea 1994. 12. 09
2 The Export-Import Bank of Korea Korea 2002. 10. 07
3 Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry Korea 2005. 03. 15
4 Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Korea 2007. 03. 15
5 National Intelligence Service Korea 2007. 04. 17
6 KOTRA Korea 2007. 06. 22
7 Overseas Koreans Foundation Korea 2007. 12. 26
8 Korea Economic Daily Korea 2008. 04. 08
9 Yongin Office of Education Korea 2008. 05. 14
10 Korea Foundation Korea 2008. 10. 28
11 Literature Translation Institute of Korea Korea 2009. 03. 10
12 SHIN & KIM Korea 2009. 06. 23
13 Digital Industory Promotion Agency of Yongin City Korea 2010. 11. 18
14 Law Firm Mir Korea 2011. 04. 27
15 International Interchange Center of Inchoen Korea 2011. 04. 28